Boxed Set


Boxed Set


This handmade set of relaxing herbal products is created using high quality herbs and includes the following items packaged in a box, ready to be gifted.
GENTLE FACE WASH: This gentle and nourishing dry face wash is made from all natural ingredients and is based on a favorite recipe from herbalist Rosemary Gladstar. I've played with the recipe many times but always come back to a version of hers because of its effectiveness at preventing breakouts and maintaining healthy skin without stripping away the delicately balanced oils the way that many conventional facial cleansers do. Made with: kaolin clay, ground organic oats, ground organic almonds, ground organic lavender, ground organic roses

LAVENDER SALT SCRUB: Ancient Romans cleansed their bodies by rubbing themselves with oil and scraping the oil and dirt off. This salt scrub is exfoliating, but has enough oil to leave the body soft and hydrated instead of dry, as it often is after exfoliation. The scrub contains lavender essential oil, lavender blossoms, sea salt, and olive oil.

BODY BUTTER: This all-natural soothing body butter is made with healing calendula - infused calendula oil. It can be used on or to prevent stretch marks, for dry skin, on cuticles or scratches. I personally use it all over after bathing to lock in moisture. 

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