Kitchen Witch on June 13


Kitchen Witch on June 13

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Almost all of the herbs we use in our kitchen are medicinal. Really! They help us to better digest our food by breaking down heavy fats, extracting nutrients more effectively, or relaxing a crampy or bloated stomach. Culinary herbs also have properties that support our immune system, nervous system, circulatory system… We think we use these herbs in our food just for flavor but we’re also making our food far more healthful.

In this workshop we will be talking about and trying traditional, and delicious, ways to eat your medicine. We’ll taste and learn about herbal oils, vinegars, honey, truffles, and medicinal seasonings. We’ll also touch on the importance of the herbal bitter for digestion and will have a chance to make our own tasty herbal oil to take home.

WHERE: This workshop will take place in my home kitchen near Columbus, Ohio. After you register the address will be sent to you within a day or so.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 13, at 7:00 PM.

I hope to see you!

tickets are $25 for one, $48 for two, and $72 for three.

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