Herbal Spray Deodorant

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Herbal Spray Deodorant


Like most natural deodorants this herbal spray is free from the harsh ingredients and toxic chemicals of conventional products. Unlike a lot of other natural deodorants, though, it works. I know badass farmers, booksellers, wedding photographers, seamstresses, and nurses who use it daily.

This spray will keep you stink-free because of a potent blend of natural essential oils that features sage, an herb that is great at drying excess moisture. While the spray isn’t an antiperspirant, the sage and alcohol actually do a pretty good job at keeping you dry under normal circumstances. If you do get sweaty, the spray will keep you from progressing to stinky. Get ready for the pleasant gentle tingle that follows application!

INGREDIENTS: SD40 alcohol, kosher vegetable glycerin, caprylyl/ capryl glucoside (vegetable origin), essential oils of sage, lemon, peppermint

4 fl oz

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