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natural body care salve
natural body care salve

Everything Salve


This all-purpose, great-smelling salve is the one we use the most at home. And while camping. And working. And in the car. And traveling. It’s been used as a diaper rash balm; a soother for stings, burns, cuts, and dry skin; and as a lip balm, though not in that order from the same tin.

PLANTAIN is wonderful for skin irritations and has a drawing out action for itchy bug bites, stings, or small splinters; LAVENDER is an antiseptic and reduces the appearance of scars; and COMFREY, amazingly, promotes rapid skin cell growth, closing cuts or raw, abraded skin.

(Because of the comfrey this is not to be used on infections or deep puncture wounds.)   

made with: organic plantain, comfrey, essential oil of lavender, olive oil and beeswax.

.5 oz, pocket size


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