Radical Herbal Workshops and Self Care Offerings

Radical Folk Herbalism Workshops 

The transformation I underwent when I began rewilding my life and learning from the plants was profound. Now I teach all kinds of workshops about the pure pleasure of working with herbs to support people on their own wellness journeys. 

My background in teaching helps me to create workshops that are relaxed, engaging, and enjoyable for any group.


Wild Origins’ products are quality alternatives to the mainstream, formulated with your enjoyment and deep self-care in mind.

All of the herbs I use are chemical-free. Everything is compostable or reusable (no plastic), and many orders are sent in repurposed materials. I often use whole plants instead of essential oils for a wider range of benefits and more earth-friendly products.


I'm Aniko, the folk herbalist behind Wild Origins. I apprenticed for two years under an ethnobotanist / herb farmer who studied with Rosemary Gladstar. For the better part of a decade I have been growing, working with, and studying medicinal plants with a focus on the connections between self empowerment, self care, and the natural world. I am especially drawn to learning about plants that support our nervous system, women’s reproductive health, and digestion.

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Face Wash

"The face wash has completely changed my skin. I have always struggled with acne and oily skin and other products would be overly drying, causing more problems. My skin feels clean and balanced now, and I have been using the face wash for over a year and no longer need to rely on concealer and foundation before I leave the house. I feel more confident and myself and have Wild Origins to thank for that!"

- Katie R


Spray Deodorant

"I decided to kick the big box store, mainstream deodorant brands. I was surprised when I didn't go through a stinky transition from my old deodorant to Wild Origins. I'm sure it was a little off putting to my friends when I'd lift my arms and say "smell my pits, they don't stink." They agreed."

- Mikki

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Archive: This started as a blog of my herbal education.  You can still find that here