Online Course - Balanced Cycles

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Learn how to balance painful cycles with herbs and natural practices.   

A self-paced, 4 week online course that you can start any time.


The most surprising thing I learned over the last year of researching menstrual cycles as an herbalist? The monthly cramping and PMS we think of as normal are actually signs of hormonal imbalance.  Really.   Join us for a workshop that will empower you to better understand your cycles and use herbs to balance your hormones and help mitigate the cycle of painful cramping.

In this course you will receive a total of 7 lessons, on Mondays and Thursdays, over email for four weeks.  

Part of the workshop will be experiential as you taste a specific selection of suggested herbs and find your own herbal allies. The materia medica (the list of herbs and their uses) will include uterine antispasmodics, reproductive tonics, and hormonal tonics.

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The course will cover:

introduction to herbalism / herbs for the reproductive system  / addressing symptoms vs addressing causes / historical contexts and environmental causes of menstrual pain / hormonal imbalances / herbal medicine making / finding your herbal ally / the connection between the nervous and reproductive systems / how menstrual cycles work / actions of herbs / methods of taking and using herbs / types of menstrual irregularities / helpful changes to diet / cycle tracking 


"Wild Origins’ Balanced Cycles course is a must-take for anyone suffering from irregular or painful menstrual cycles. In her well-researched and organized course, Aniko delivers a wealth of pertinent information and resources to guide participants through the process of understanding what is happening in their bodies, as well as what they can do about it. The course is loaded with practical tips and suggestions for further reading, which together empower participants to take charge of their cycles and fight back, armed with the strength of knowledge and herbs."  - Cat

"Learning from Aniko over the past year has truly changed my life. Aniko's authenticity shines through all that she does, and it is evident that she cares deeply about imparting her herbal wisdom to others. Aniko takes the time to answer questions, provides only relevant and evidence based information to her students, and gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with integrating herbs into my daily life. Since taking Aniko's classes I have felt empowered to take my health into my own hands. This education is such a gift!" - Nicole

"It's really refreshing to have met Aniko and realize that there are more ways to solve a problem than pills or just ignoring it. She's a great teacher, inviting students to experiment with mixtures that will benefit their needs. "  - Rachel

"I walked into my first workshop with Aniko with a slight interest in plant medicine and left with an ever expanding curiosity into the world that is herbalism. With Aniko's welcoming atmosphere and enthusiasm for plants, it encouraged me to start my own journey. The next day I bought my own rosemary and lemon balm plants, so thrilled about this new adventure.
As a nurse, my whole career is based around health and the human body. With Aniko's workshops, it opened the path to a more holistic approach, which overall I feel way more connected to." - Nycia


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 discounted registration for two = $160

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